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not quite paradise; upitopia
the kingdom of BabbleOn
From the Los Angeles Times by Rosa Brooks.

snagged from liberalrage

The Grinch factor

THE WHOS down in Who-ville
Were a tolerant lot:
Who Christians, Who Muslims — a Who melting pot.
Who Hindus! Who atheists! Who Buddhists, Who Jews!
Who Confucians, Who pagans,
And even Who Druze! The Who 1st Amendment's Establishment Clause
Said, "No creches in courts," and the Whos loved their laws.
Because somehow … they worked. The Whos rarely fought,
Mostly, each Who did just what he ought.

Every Who down in Who-ville
Loved the Consti-Who-tion a lot.
But the O'Reilly, who lived up in Fox-ville, Did NOT!Collapse )

In similar news, witness this conversation I had yesterday. I have been alternating between giggling hysterically and wanting to cry.

Random Kid on the Internets: [...] and MERRY CHRISTMAS. im not on of those ppl who say happy holidays!!!
Me: *blink* Um, excuse me, I was just wondering, but... what is wrong with the phrase 'Happy Holidays'?
RKOTI: happy holidays is what u say if u dont believe in god.
Me: o.O [Observe me, staring rather blankly at the screen for a good thirty seconds.] Um, you realize that people who don't celebrate Christmas believe in God, right? Jewish people? They very strongly believe in God. Also, even for people who celebrate Christmas there is another holiday, the New Year, which means two, which means plural, which [to quote the fantastic Jon Stewart] "in the English language necessitates the use of 's'".
RKOTI: no watever wat a naif.
Me: . . .

More than annoying me, the conversation just made me a bit sad. It's probably some twelve year old kid who honestly doesn't know how to think any different; he just repeats whatever his parents spew out (Which most of us do, at that age). It makes me want to thwap his authority figures upside the head, with a large stick. *sigh*

Woohoo, I can use the crazy icon as it actually fits in context!

P.S. Dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes. Here she lies, no own knew how much Spanish would totally kill her dead. *grr. argh. kicks final*

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Caio, darlings! See you all in about 10 days!

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Greetings mis amigas! I have returned after the brief -- and entirely unscheduled -- LJ hiatus. Dance in the streets, my dears; it is a good day. ... Apparently 16 hours of sleep can make you just as silly as three hours. Hee.

Yeah, I totally got 16 hours of sleep last night. It was a thing of beauty. Thursday night (or Friday morning if one really wants to be accurate) I only got three hours of sleep as The Spanish Project of DOOM was due the next morning. Therefore, yesterday when I got out of Contemporary Issues I came home, took a shower, and fell immediately into my bed. By the way, I've changed my name to Medusa. You think my hair is a crazy man on crack in the middle of a hurricane unruly normally? Come look when I sleep on it while it is dripping wet. *g*

So yes, I went to bed around three in the afternoon, woke up briefly around 7ish when someone who we won't name stopped by with a stranger*, fell asleep again until around midnight when David came home and clomped up the stairs, read Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosifal for a couple hours, then slept until eight this morning.

I'm such a lazy sod. :)

Enter here for college related spazzingsCollapse )

* It is a sign of my love and devotion to you that I actually got out of bed to come down and see you. Had you been anyone else chances are I would have laughed and hung up. Feel loved. *giggle.* Oh, and I hope I didn't say anything too stupid, I was so not completely conscious.

eta: I will get caught up on my friendslist eventually. Really, I will. :)

eta2: For those who are curious, Tilly is nearly completely better now. Yay, pony!

eta3: Hmm, I'm noticing a pattern here. On March 1st I posted about getting a lot of sleep. I guess I sleep really well the first day of each month then get about four or five hours on average for the rest of the nights cause I'm so mad busy. Interesting.

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AHHHHHHHH! Never going to be ready for my presentation in Psychology tomorrow! NEVER! AHHHHHHHHHH!

This incoherent message of pathetic schoolwork angst, complete with gratuitous exclamation points and capitalization, is brought to you by the letters S, O, F, U, C, K, E, and D. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming -- have a nice day.

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I am so annoyed! I don't know why emin went all psycho over me and sellarom having a little fun.

Hey and know what? Why does sellarom keep posting images in their journal?! I keep telling them I'm on a modem! I'm going to unfriend them to teach them a lesson!!!!!!!!!!

sunflwer258 told me that emin told lls_mutant and tinsolitus that they saw me talking to aura218. and talking crap about arwen_elvenfair. Yeah right!

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

*is so easily amused*

Current Mood: pissed off dramatic

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Has anyone ever heard of the band Renaissance? They are old and very, very cool. My dad has old LPs of theirs and last night we played some of the songs. He loved them when he was younger and claimed that he was sure I would adore them. *sigh.* He was right. It's disturbing how similar I am to my parents sometimes. Anyways, they are wicked awesome. They sound like a surreal menage a trois of a Lord of the Rings soundtrack, European dance club techno music, and musical-esque vocals. Yes, really. And somehow it works.

Randomly, I offer you this list.
Three Things That Amused Me This Week, Thus Reaffirming That I Am Indeed a Dork.
- When I went to NYC on Thursday the bus driver's last name was Crowley. Therefore, I blamed all the traffic jams on him and giggled to myself, because I Am Indeed a Dork.
- On this same trip we passed a car with a license plate ending with the letters "POA". I ecstatically pointed this out to the girl sitting next to me, because I Am Indeed a Dork.
- I wrote a paper about Jungian archetypes and the hero-quest pattern in the Lord of the Rings trilogy for psych class and had a ridiculous amount of fun doing it, because I Am Indeed a Dork.

Current Mood: dorky dorky
Current Music: Ocean Gypsy - Renaissance

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Umm... is there is any reason my journal just completely changed its layout all by itself?

eta: and now it's normal again. Okay.

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Pssst. Wanna know a secret? ...I slept for twelve hours last night. I fell asleep around 6 or 7ish PM last night and, as there was a delay today because of snow, I got up at 7AM. I'm a happy child. No homework at all was finished, but really, who needs an education? I know, I know. Everyone. Please, allow me my delusions.

Speaking of education -- I never thought I'd hear myself say this -- but, I wish we were taught more grammar. That is one topic our school system really just sort of skims over. Mind you, I hated the little we did when we did it, but now, well, it'd be useful. I've learned more English grammar from Spanish and Latin class than I have anywhere else. I know the basics: subject, verb, insert period at the end of the sentence, and for God's sake, don't use more than one exclamation point (actually, that one I learned from fandom). When it comes to punctuation though, I have no idea. Any uses of commas, semicolons, colons, ellipses, --s, parentheses, etc are beyond my knowledge. It bothers me not to use them, but I only have a vague idea how to use them. So, most instances of their presence are complete guesses on my part. Okay, the random thought of the day is complete. I'll be going to school now to scowl subtly at my English teacher for leaving me so woefully uneducated. We'll ignore the fact that the lack of grammar knowledge is probably mostly my fault for not paying attention to the few lessons we had back in middle school.

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Current Music: Ben Folds Five - Army

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Dude! *molests everyone who works on LostCollapse )

Also, my computer screen in blinking while I type this. That can't be a good sign.

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Well, I'm back from visiting Hamilton and Franklin&Marshall. Really, the more I see of it, the more I adore F&M.

cut for college ramblingsCollapse )

Also, aim is somewhat working on my computer! I changed my SN to accio tiara and it seems to work better now. Why? I have no idea. Ah, you horrid mass of plastic and wires, how you love to screw with my mind. So, add me there, children.

eta: Well, I was too optimistic with that claim. Bah. aim is still not working.

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I think that would be a brilliant slogan. Christine agrees. We shall pitch it to the executives.

1. This afternoon I tried some Sprite Zero and, well... what's the point? 0 Carbs! 0 Calories! 0 Sugars! Bubbly Water in a Sprite bottle! It doesn't even have much of the lemon-limey Sprite taste. This is no lovely union between fizzy liquid and citrusy fruits. This is fizzy liquid that barely got past first base with a lime before her parents came down to the basement to check on them.

2. I wish there was more HP fic out there that included animated paintings. The ones I've read are some of my favorite stories.

- Tower of Air by cluegirl
- and one where Ginny finds a portrait of a young Sirius in the attic of Grimmauld after OotP. Damn, where's I put that link?

3. sellarom, have you confirmed anything for next week? *harasses*

4. Math time! Yay! Yay! yay...? *slinks off to go tutor*

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It's aliiive! *cackles manically*

Last week my father decided that it would be fun to play with (see: load new programs and completely fuck up) the computer downstairs. Whatever he did somehow maimed the internet connection for both computers. *twitches.* That long without the internet makes me break out in a cold sweat. Dependent? What? Hee. Anyways, it's alive now. Finally, So, YAY! Now, to catch up on my flist, so er, apologies for comments that come like a week after you made the post when you probably couldn't care anymore.

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I just saw Jon Stewart last night and it was amazing! I don't think I can remember ever laughing that hard. He was perfect and wonderful. I kept trying to remember specific quotes so I could tell them to you all, but I'd try to memorize one and he'd say something else. By the time I was done laughing I had already forgotten the exact wording. Lo siento. He covered tons of topics, from Bush, to Iraq, to stem cell research, to gay marriage, to homeland security, to a multitude of Jewish jokes (Dad was in hysterics here), to cats in heat and sick dogs. The poor boy had a bit of a cold though. *pets.* I doubt I could be that entertaining when sick.

And on a completely shallow note. His voice: GUH. *melts* That man is gorgeous and lovely and I want to have his babies.

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Who was the bright kid in my brain who decided it would be a good idea to listen to Les Miserables all the way through when I'm already all hormonal?

*weeps like a girl.*

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*glowers at CNN and the evil Dubya creature.* I really can't stand listening to that man.

I spent yesterday evening watching two hours of children's Television for psychology. No one is going to convince me that all the actors didn't get complimentary whee-life-is-fun drugs before they started filming.

*channels Sesame Street omg, it was torture, no one over the age of seven should ever be required to watch that* Today's spam is brought to you by the letters S, N, O, W, D, A, and Y!

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I'm bored and avoiding my homework, so I'm flouncing around on those silly online quiz sites where random people make quizzes for the public. I come across one that says "What religion suits you best?" and decide to take it. I go through the whole thing, blah, blah, blah. Then the results come up. The only options that you could have were: Christianity, Atheist, Wiccan, Druidism, and Confused.


Druidism? I mean, yes it is a religion, but how many Druids do you know? You'd think in making a test on religion you'd include, oh, I don't know, religions that are practiced by vast percentages of the world's population. Such as, Islam, or Judaism, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, among others. It's an awfully ignorant, narrow view to just include the ones this person did. They completely ignored like any religion with more eastern origins.

And, I have actually no idea why I found this as annoying as I did. So I'll be going now. *toddles off.*

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Brrrrr! *shiver.* So cold out. Going up to see the pony in a couple of minutes so currently piling the layers on. I think I might beat my record of thirteen layers today. Bleargh. I hate going to the barn in the cold, but, as Tilly isn't that close and I am always so busy with school work, any day I have free I need to take the opportunity to see her. *sigh.* I wish she was closer... I love SSR, but I want to be able to see my pony more.

There are supposed to be blizzard conditions later today. Why blizzard conditions on Saturday night? Honestly, any other night (besides Friday) would be good. Loosing power and having to eat by candle light and huddling in one room in the house with every blanket and article of clothing we can find is a lot more fun if you know you're missing school.

Well, I'm off now. Let's hope the mare actually remembers who I am.

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No quiero hacer mi presentacion de espanol. Es muy, muy aburrido y yo no puedo hablar espanol. No comprendo las obras de arte de Salvador Dali en ingles. Es mas deficil en espanol. Necesito hablar con me companero, pero no se donde esta ella. Yo soy tan perezosa para buscar los accentos en el keyboard. Trabajare en cinco minutos. Si, si, yo trabajare.

Sextus sub arbore sedet.

*giggle* That's about all my Latin skills so I won't be whining about Latin in the correct language I suppose.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Fridays are lovely, lovely days. *molests Friday and offers to give it a blowjob if it'll kill Monday-Thursday.*

tinsolitus is evil. Because of her stupid meme I've been wasting precious hours of my life scribbling in paint. So addicting omg! Why did I ever think I needed Photoshop? Paint is the bestest!

Today is January 20th! Inauguration Day! FOUR MORE YEARS!!! Yaaaay! *cheers and throws confetti.* I'm so excited! Another for years of Bush as our president. Hopefully he'll be able to turn this country around from its descent into moral decay (Damn those Jews and Homosexuals). And maybe we'll finally get the rest of the world to just shut the fuck up already. We are all about freedom and the best country in the world. We can do whatever the hell we want. Who cares what they think. Yaaaaaay Bush! Do you think we could alter the constitution to give him three terms? I mean, there is hope for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, so why not that too?


*whimper* Are you all sure it wasn't just a nightmare? That it's really only the morning of November 3rd right now and half of the country hasn't decided to be complete fuckwits? Please?

*slinks off to go comfort self with the balm that is Jon Stewart.*

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Meme snagged from tinsolitus

Leave a comment and I'll make you an icon using only Paint. Hahaha. And then you have to steal the meme and do the same. No longer is a lack of photoshop an excuse.

Sorry about vanishing off, aim, ya'll. Not that that probably came as a surprise or anything. :P

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